" I sing to defy the death " - Shakira

" I feel proud of my parents, they have been a great support in my career. - Shakira

" I have many questions, which even have not had his corresponding response " - Shakira

" 50 % of my career is complete, the other one 50 % is to come out, to be more that a mode. To be remembered" - Shakira

" I have to accept all the critiques, since they are different opinions " - Shakira

" He's one more person in that I can trust "-Shakira (speeking of her current boyfriend)

" Many people did not trust in me, now look at me, I say to them "-Shakira

" My songs are a reflex of my personality "-Shakira

" I love my family, more than my career "-Shakira

"Colombia is a country that has a many years musical traditions, especially floklóric" - Shakira

" I want to be a president ". - Shakira

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